Alcohol drinks and Sushi

Alcohol drinks and Sushi

From now on, with the cooperation of Sushi University (Tabimori), I would like to introduce the compatibility of Japanese sake and sushi, sushi culture, and sake that suits sushi.

People sometimes ask me what kinds of alcoholic drink are suitable for sushi. In response to this question, I would like to answer, “It’s best to match your favorite drink with your favorite sushi.” However, this is a bad answer for, especially beginners because there are many types of drinks and they will be puzzled to choose it. After all, many people think that they want to drink the drinks that can bring out the goodness of sake if they drink them. So, this time, I would like to introduce a little bit of recommend drink when eating ssuhi. There a many types of them, but still the best one is Japanese sake. I think that many people know that, but why is sake compatible with sushi? I think that many people can’t answer this question.

The reason why sake and sushi are compatible is that sake has the effect of eliminating the fishy smell of sushi. The effect of compensating for the shortcomings of food by another food is called “complement”. Furthermore, both sake and sushi are food rich in umami. By combining these, umami “entrainment” happens. It is said that the compatibility is good because the things with similar flavor produce synergy.

Like this article, I hope that I can introduce valuable information for sake and sushi lovers of all over the world.

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