Sake from Daimon Brewery

Sake from Daimon Brewery

I would like to introduce three sakes from Daimon Brewery in Osaka this time.  Daimon Brewery was established in 1826 at the base of IKOMA mountain range.  Using their regional rice and fresh mountain spring water, this brewery has devoted their spirit for the last 6 generation to make the finest sake in the region.  This time,I select the Seizan Ryoukai,Iwafune, Shizuka.  Each of these sake has distinctive characteristics and has a deep flavor.And, these sake has been loved by the local people for a long time.

1、Seizan Ryoukai (Tokubetsu Junmai)

This sake has a rich body with a touch of Koji rice.  Good foods to pair with this sake are cheese and tuna, beefsteak and so on.

2,Iwafune (Tokubetsu Honjozo)

This sake offers a sharp,clear flavor, with a smooth finish.  Good foods to pair with this sake are sashimi and fresh oyster, tofu and so on.

3, Shizuka (Junami Ginjo)

The taste is a gentle giant. The traditional flavor represents the subtleties of the Kansai region. Good foods to pair with this sake are various kinds of seafoods.

 I haven't drunk sake made in Osaka before,but I'm grateful that I've met these wonderful drinks

this time.