The characteristic of Fukuoka/Kyushu Sake

The Special Feature of Fukuoka Sake

Since my hometown Fukuoka is facing the sea, trading with foreign countries has been active for a long time, and it has flourished as a commercial city. Fukuoka is also famous for its delicious food, especially where fish dishes are delicious. A lot of local sake that is compatible with fish dishes, as well as a variety of dishes also are made. 

fukuoka city in Japan makes lots of good sake.

The history of Japanese sake brewing is old, and, it is one of the leading sake producing areas in Japan. There are 70 brewers in Fukuoka, and hundreds kinds of sake is made every year. Fukuoka is one of the leading producers of "Yamada Nishiki", the king of sake brewery suitable rice, blessed with pure soft water, and has a historical group of chief sake brewer. Moreover, while being in Kyushu, the temperature in winter is low, the air is dry climate, and it is a perfect climate for sake brewing, very high quality sake making is done.